Association of Medical Students University of Lagos (AMSUL), established in 1966 is a student body of over 1000 undergraduates of Medicine and Surgery of the college of Medicine, University of Lagos. It is by all standards the largest departmental Association in the college of Medicine of University of Lagos / Lagos University Teaching Hospital.

For over 50 years and counting, AMSUL is noted for organizing for its members, regular educational, social, sporting and other student welfare oriented programs to better equip them to face the challenges of medical school and prepare them for the larger society. We also organize seminars, symposia and training workshops to give our members that extra edge they will never get in the class room.

Not only do we cater for our members’ needs, we also reach out to our immediate and extended community to offer as much as we can in terms of volunteer medical services, community support programs, services for less privileged and less health care covered members of the society.
We are a non-profit organization funded basically by dues from members and donations, sponsorship from patrons and well-meaning members of the society as well as structured partnership with corporate bodies.

In the course of delivering our mandate we have been known to cut across barriers of race, gender, and socioeconomic status.


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