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April 7, 2019
May 21, 2019
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So, I’ve been hearing about feminism for a while now. Looks like it’s all over the place. Some of us don’t even know the definition of feminism, and there are some of us that are taking this issue personal, others don’t even care about it. Their major concern is how to put more money into their pockets. Whichever category you fall under, don’t just scroll by without reading this to the last paragraph. It’s a good thing to learn, relearn and unlearn!
Let me help with a simple definition of feminism. Feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and interests. Especially when it comes to social, economic and political equality. It can also be defined as any organized activity in support of women’s right and interests.
Different people have different opinions when it comes to feminism. I’m sure we’ve all heard about Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the public thinker that wrote a book “We Should All Be Feminists” showing her views and support for feminism. Here Chimamanda offers readers a unique definition of feminism, one rooted in inclusion and awareness. So it wasn’t a surprise to me when her feminist comment caused a storm on twitter and all other social media. And of course, people who were not in support of feminism attacked her (not literally though), they made memes and jokes about it. What even shocked me the most was when I saw that the synonym of feminism is Chimamanda.
Other people like President Donald trump clearly stated that they’re not in support of feminism. He says he’s not a feminist because he’s not solely supportive of women, but rather of all people. And of course, most of the United States women did not take his declaration lightly. (I saw that coming too. Lol.) Though he added that his “tremendous” respect for women still stands.
As I am a Queen too, it looks like Queen Elizabeth and I are on the same page of the feminism textbook! She claimed to be in support of equal rights but she never said she was a feminist! Equality is not equity. Though some people assumed on her behalf that she is a feminist. But she did not tell any sister Assumpta if she is a Chimamanda or a Trump.
I was asking a friend, Ilerioluwa Lawal on what feminism means to him and he blew my mind. He said and I quote “Feminism is a movement that seeks to ensure that women and men enjoy equal rights and opportunities. It is a movement that challenges patriarchy, an ideology that men are somehow inherently superior to women – and all its subtle manifestations.”
Ileri went on to explain “the idea of feminism is to help the world rethink gender roles and all the associated injustices. So that employment for a job is not denied because she is a woman but because she is not qualified. The movement also permits boys to be expressive of their emotions and not “act like a man”: just as it permits women to be strong and financially independent!”
How on earth did feminism come about? Who started this whole Feminism thing?
Apparently, the first feminism mount happened on July 19-20 1848 in Seneca Falls New York. This was organised by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott. These two women met earlier at the anti-slavery convention that took place in London, 1840. At this convention, the men forced the women to sit at a separate area and these two women felt that was unfair. So they organised the Seneca fall convention alongside lucretia’s aunt, Martha coffin wright and two other women Mary Ann McClinton and Jane hunt.
Most people are not okay with the word “feminism” and that makes them not to get involved with anything that has to do with it. The way people see feminism is different. For example feminism in the US in not totally the same here in Nigeria. People see modern day feminism as “man- hating” and that is not feminism at all. Rather it is trying to point out to people that when men become political leaders, they do not become biased against women. And when they become fathers, they’re not biased against their daughters.
I’ve read about people having fights and calling each other names directly and indirectly just because one person is a feminist and the other does not support feminism. But really feminism should not be a thing causing division amongst us because it’s a thing of choice. I could choose to be a feminist and I could choose not to. Everybody should be entitled to their opinion. After all, there are several other women out there doing great things in the political world, fabulous things in the social world and mighty things in the economic world. Women should not be looked down upon or treated as minor in the society just because they’re not men. They should be given the opportunity to do things too. Who knows, things might actually turn out a lot better!


Sorinolu Peace

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