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June 11, 2019
July 9, 2019
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Saturday is the crowning jewel for any owambe lover. It is the day a lot of people come on social media to show off the fact that they were important enough to have been invited to the owambe instead of their peers. It is also the day a lot of people feel ‘slyed’ and bored at home.

As a Yoruba boy, I have been to many owambes especially the period almost all my cousins decided to get married. I got so many new clothes during that period and it also built my love for parties.

There are different levels to owambes and it’s always awesome when the party turns out to be lit. Nowadays, a lot of people have found different ways to make owambes unique. In Nigeria, it is now normal – even expected! – to have an after party for any wedding. I heard of one that they brought in strippers for the after party. There was also one I attended where there was a separate invite for the more exclusive after party and that is all they invited some of their friends for.

The fact remains we all love a good owambe.

  • You get to dress up
  • There’s tons of free food and drinks
  • You get to meet new people – who knows? You might even get lucky.
  • After eating all the food you can, you get to burn it up on the dance floor

But for real, the most important thing is the FREE FOOD.

I remember some wedding I attended a few years ago. It had a chocolate fountain with a pillar of marshmallows, strawberries and various other things you could put on a stick and dip in chocolate and it was white chocolate for that matter. There were also tons of cupcakes.

P.S: Sometimes they also spray money, that puts me in such an elated state.

This is just me as an owambe lover telling you a few things that came across my mind when writing this article, I hope it was a good read though.

Maybe a few tips before I go:

  • Always ensure that you have your IV with you if the event is strictly by invitation. You don’t want to be that person stuck outside. Please, it’s the rainy season.
  • Even if you don’t buy the cloth, at least try following the dress code as much as possible.
  • Don’t go late for the party, all the food will have finished. Don’t stress the person that invited you.
  • Sometimes read the person inviting you for the owambe; if you know there won’t be alcohol and you want some, carry your own with you.
  • Don’t sit down expecting them to serve you, it’s either you become proactive or you know someone that will do it for you.
  • Please don’t look like a ‘skrep’.
  • If the person inviting you is on the train, ensure you’re not alone. People on the train mostly won’t have your time unless you go late.

I could continue writing more tips but help me manage these ones.

Deji Nifemi Alabi


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