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April 7, 2019
April 15, 2019
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We must be killers

With eyes full of emptiness that exists only in death

Animated when our victims exhale their dying breath

Carnivorous beasts, certainly we must be killers

With death as our true religion

Zealots in the faith as we perform our nocturnal rituals

Bowing with heads low

Hands raised,

Eyes closed

We pray (prey)

On the poor and helpless of the land

Their cries like incense smoke

 Rising to the heavens

As we claim another life for the insatiable god of death


We possess death

Our only warmth in this cold existence of being

We must be possessed by death

For the stench  of blood

Slaves, we are to this passions

An aphrodisiac setting off flames that we cannot still

Setting off cravings of lust for the kill

A hunger that the feed can passively quench

The chains grow heavier around our necks

We possess death


Death possesses us


Gerald Ijeomah


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