August 18, 2019

Pentathlon Interview

THE PENTATHLON: AN INTERVIEW WITH THE AMSUL SPORTS SECRETARY Qu1: Good day sir. Can we meet you? Ans: I am Akinwande Foluso, the Sports Secretary of […]
July 9, 2019


This is not an article. I repeat: this is not an article. Take a minute to close your eyes and imagine this. You walk through the […]
July 4, 2019

My random thoughts on OWAMBEs

Saturday is the crowning jewel for any owambe lover. It is the day a lot of people come on social media to show off the fact […]
June 11, 2019

There’s More to Life Than…

“Las las, we go dey alright!” – the catch phrase that the typical Nigerian student says when he/she is half-choked with school stress, but believes that […]
May 21, 2019


April 15, 2019


So, I’ve been hearing about feminism for a while now. Looks like it’s all over the place. Some of us don’t even know the definition of […]
April 7, 2019

we must be killers

SAVAGES We must be killers With eyes full of emptiness that exists only in death Animated when our victims exhale their dying breath Carnivorous beasts, certainly […]
April 7, 2019

Becker’s USMLE

Never have I ever come across an examination like the USMLE – United States Medical Licensing Examination; its uniqueness is in its intricacy and practicality. The […]
October 21, 2018


AMSUL’S COSTUME NIGHT – YOUR COSTUME FIX So. Monday is Amsul’s costume night. You want to let your hair down, but you have no idea what […]
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